Mailkitchen Webservices documentation

Mailkitchen invites you to use Webservices to manage your databases, campaigns, statistical feedback, etc. Comprehensive documentation is presented here, offering the functions needed to use your account (create a MailKitchen account if you do not already have one). New functionalities will be added on a regular basis and details of these will be provided here (please do not hesitate to let us know of any ideas you may have by filling out our ideas box form)

What are they for?

With only very basic knowledge of computer development, Webservices make it possible to set up automatic links between, for example, your website and the MailKitchen email routing platform. Possible applications of this include sending an email when a visitor subscribes to your newsletter or automatically importing your database every week, etc.

All uses are made possible thanks to your free webservices, which will enable you to make your processes and email campaigns automatic. Our platform already has a large number of functions that can be accessed and operated and we regularly add new ones (moreover, you can send us any ideas for new ones that you may have by filling out the ideas box form)